Why the new cash register is so expensive?

By: trademagazin Date: 2013. 09. 19. 12:06

Although the Economy Ministry studied the international examples, finally made such conditions that new cash machines should be installed – said the Ministry to the questions of www. ado.hu, that is the professional site of CompLex Publisher. It was also found that the tax authority has issued 183 thousand startup codes.

penztargep-LSKAccording to informations received from the tax authority (NAV) more than 122 thousand PTGREG forms were requested from the tax authority until 8 September and more than 183 thousand startup codes were issued. The www.ado.hu was also interested in the prices of the new cash registers, but cannot reach the vendors, even after several attempts, so we can rely only on previous informations.

More at: http://ado.hu/rovatok/cegvilag/miert-ilyen-draga-az-uj-penztargep

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