From honey to peppers

By: STA Date: 2024. 02. 29. 09:00

It is of utmost importance that interested parties, producers and buyers find a forum where they can get to know each other, where connections can be made on the topic of REL – and this event is an excellent opportunity for that – said Dr. Beáta Olga Felkai, Deputy State Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture III. Short Food Supply Chain (REL) Expo and Conference, Jakabszállás.

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The deputy state secretary emphasized that the short-term food chain is a topic that comes to the fore again and again. Short supply chains enable fast and efficient delivery of products from producer to consumer. He reminded that there was a program for this in the previous support period as well, and it still has a prominent role, because sustainability is getting more and more emphasis. At the beginning of the covid and war period, the value of self-sufficiency increased again, and the experience of growing interest in production also added to it. Dr. Beáta Olga Felkai highlighted that the Ministry of Agriculture wants to help producers by amending the flexi regulation from the legal side, as the regulation eases the hygienic conditions of small-scale, local food production and sales. Thus, not only natural persons can produce food as small producers, but also family farms of original producers and social farms. And this process has a stimulating effect on the local economy, the preservation of Hungarian jobs and the maintenance of the rural way of life.

The event offers Hungarian farmers the opportunity to present the quality, traditional and innovative products they produce

The REL Expo was held for the first time in 2021, with 120 guests and 25 exhibitors, and this year more than 80 exhibitors and more than 500 visitors participated in the event. After the opening, the “Authority Professional of the Year” awards were presented, which recognize the work of helpful rural government professionals who support producers and entrepreneurs with their exemplary attitude. On behalf of the Ministry of Agriculture, Dr. It was given by Olga Felkai Beáta.


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