The MakerBot has opened its first European Innovation Centre

By: trademagazin Date: 2015. 06. 22. 11:01

MakerBot’s first European Innovation Centre was opened near Milan, at the University of Cattenao (LIUC) on 10 June, at the innovation centre nearly 2 thousand students can use 20 pieces of MakerBot Replicator fifth-generation printers. The main specialty of the center is the management and printer connecting software, which is unique on the market. In Hungary, the FreeDee Printing Solutions is working on to setting up similar centers.


The MakerBot Innovation Centres are laboratories, with a large number of 3D printer, which have been designed to facilitate innovation, increase cooperation and setting up their organization's competitiveness. Such centers already exist across America such as at the universities of Florida, Maryland and New York states.

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