A surprising number of people spent their winter break at Lake Balaton

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 01. 23. 08:10

During the winter vacation, 6 percent more people went on vacation than in the same period a year earlier. After the capital, Lake Balaton and the Mátra-Bükk area were the most popular destinations among guests between December 22 and January 7. Based on the data of the National Tourist Information Center, foreign guest nights in Budapest increased by 15 percent, while domestic guest nights increased by 9 percent.

All in all, almost 10 percent more revenue was realized at the hotels nationwide compared to the previous holiday period, and the revenue of the hospitality stores increased by 18 percent. Compared to preliminary expectations, the turnover of accommodation was stronger in the last days of 2023, and the trend continued in the first week of the new year. During the winter break, 622,000 guests booked accommodation for almost 1.6 million nights throughout the country.

The number of foreign guest nights increased by 11 percent in this period, with a total of 43,000 more people arriving from across the country compared to the same period last year. Italian and German tourists were the majority during the winter break, a total of 87,000 nights were booked in Hungary from Italy, while 67,000 guest nights were recorded from Germany. In national terms, the number of Romanians, Austrians and Britons was also considerable.

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