Hungarian feed production approached 4 million tons in 2021

By: STA Date: 2022. 09. 28. 09:16

The mixing plants operating in Hungary produced 3.956 million tons of farm animal feed mixture in 2021, 3.4 percent more compared to 2020 – read the summary published on the website of the Agricultural Economics Institute (AKI).

(Photo: Pixabay)

The majority of all feed, almost 2 million tons, was poultry feed, of which only the amount of turkey feed decreased compared to 2020. Of the remainder, 1.382 million tons are pig feed and 433 thousand tons are cattle feed. The volume of the former decreased by 1.2 percent, while the volume of the latter increased by the same amount year-on-year. The proportion of fish, game, horse, rabbit and other food is a total of 2.6 percent, they wrote. The feeds contained more than 60 percent cereals, 13.9 percent protein plants and their derivatives, and 8.6 percent oil seeds and their derivatives. The remaining part consists of dried grain bran, by-products of the sugar industry, milling industry and brewing industry, by-products of corn processing, as well as fats, oils, concentrated protein carriers, minerals, and feed supplements.

The majority of fodder production is concentrated in the Great Plain

Among the counties, Hajdú-Bihar leads with a share of almost 14 percent. The export volume was almost 290,000 tons in 2020 and almost 338,000 tons in 2021. Imports fall significantly short of this, increasing from 152.5 thousand tons to 181.7 thousand tons from 2020 to 2021. The most important destination countries for Hungarian feed are Romania, Croatia and Slovakia, while imports mostly came from Austria, Ukraine and the Netherlands – read the summary.


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