The Green Economy 2023/24 has been published. study volume

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 01. 25. 11:15

The Association of Environmental Service Providers and Manufacturers (KSZGYSZ) in the midst of increasing climate, nature and environmental protection tasks has called for the continuation of the highly successful publication from two years ago, which is an informative, complex professional knowledge material that helps the preparation of decision-makers, professionals, interested parties, college and university students and his daily work. In 270 pages, the work of nearly 70 leading professionals in the green industry is now back. Zöldgazdaság 2023/24 is now available online free of charge, and the printed form can be pre-ordered.

The Association, as our country’s largest, independent, environmental protection umbrella organization, has been cooperating with ministries, authorities, professional associations, educational institutions, companies, municipalities, and civil organizations for more than thirty years in connection with the implementation of significant environmental and nature conservation projects, the social negotiation of strategic materials, and the training of professionals. The essence of the experiences and proposals accumulated during these professional collaborations is contained in the recently published study entitled GREEN ECONOMY 2023/24, which provides an overview of the sector’s current activities, domestic and international activities, results, challenges and constructively takes into account the newly opened opportunities and tasks of the coming period. .

It presents the focus topics by combining the company’s experience and the professional knowledge of those working in the sector, placing the emphasis on the challenges of the next period and the resilient solutions to be given to them, which also give a competitive advantage.

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