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By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 03. 27. 17:27

The digital version is available with more content once again, and can be read by clicking on the front page below.

Trade magazin’s April issue traditionally starts with the big festival roundup, this year with a particularly large number of speakers, emphasising the role of festivals in branding. Related topics such as snacks, finger food and street food are also discussed here, in line with current market trends. Our Shelf Observer column widens the scope with yogurts, sweets, pet food, fizzy drinks, beer, cocktails and RTD drinks, facial and hair care products, and cleaning products that are also linked to the spring season. What is more, once again we have prepared a baby and kids products supplement.

Apropos of the Franchise Gala held at the beginning of the year, in our report we review the latest trends in franchising, based on our experiences and success at home and abroad.

It may seem familiar to you that domestic news is complemented by a series of international news in a bundle, which is significantly more numerous in the digital edition than in the print version of the magazine.

In Trade magazin’s Sales and Business Development section we continue to follow national and international events, reporting on the most important horticultural conference, Zsendülés, as well as on Fruit Logistica. We also feature a summary of this year’s changes to the Food Book and an analysis of PwC’s fascinating annual CEO survey from Hungary.

In our In-store and Outdoor column, we publish an extended version of the report from this year’s big Trade Marketing Club conference, “I Love Trade Marketing – Inflation from different perspectives”. The featured material for this column is a summary of GfK Household Panel-YouGov’s exclusive survey on new retail technologies, which could be heard during the tours of the Future Store stand at SIRHA Budapest 2024.

Between these two columns we have launched a new column on artificial intelligence, which will from now on try to add topical reports and news to the magazine’s contents, offering interesting and useful information from national and international sources to those working in the FMCG market. In this issue you can already read several AI-themed articles.

The 180-page magazine shares lots of interesting and valuable information with readers. All in all, we recommend you to read our latest issue, the digital version of which you can browse through now by clicking on the image below.

All in all, we recommend you to read the latest issue, the digital version of which you can browse through now by clicking on the image below.

Click and flip through the pages, or download it for free and read it whenever you want!

Kattintson és lapozzon bele, vagy akár ingyenesen töltse le, és olvassa, amikor csak akarja!

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