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By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 02. 22. 19:18

The digital version is available with more content once again, and can be read by clicking on the front page below.

 All in all, we recommend you to read the latest issue, the digital version of which you can browse through now by clicking on the image below.

In a cover interview this time, Dr. Zsófia Szlávik, marketing manager of Aqua Lorenzo, reports on the plans of the Veritas brand.

In our annual launch issue, we provide a more detailed overview of the expectations for the current year, analyzing the changes, challenges and opportunities of the international and domestic markets.

It may seem familiar that the domestic news is supplemented by a series of international news collected in a bouquet, which are found in a significantly larger number in the digital edition compared to the printed magazine.

In connection with the current market maps, instead of our Easter supplement, which examines the categories related to the topic. The topics are always supplemented by vegan and sustainability news from home and the wider world. Of course, the awards cannot be left out here either, so now we list the winners of MagyarBrands.

In addition to the many research analyses, we also enriched the content with several event reports, so we also report in detail on the international ISM exhibition and the first event of the Joint Venture Association this year. But we don’t neglect our recent Future Talks broadcasts either, from which we have also chosen one. Among the analyzes of the media, we examined the sensitivity of the viewers in connection with our Christmas TV advertising competition, and we also show the in-store trends of 2024.

The 200-page magazine also shares a lot of interesting and valuable information with its readers. Therefore, we recommend that you read our newly published issue, the digital version of which can be viewed and read by clicking on the image below.

Click and flip through the pages, or download it for free and read it whenever you want!

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