The decree on the hygiene conditions for small-scale, local and marginal food production and sale has been published

By: STA Date: 2023. 11. 27. 09:30

The purpose of the new law, which entered into force on November 23, 2023, is to apply the flexibility provisions provided by the European Union package of hygiene regulations regarding small-scale, local, marginal food production and sales. Another goal is the revision of related domestic legislation, as well as their consolidation and deregulation. The decree helps the activities of domestic small producers and “small-scale food producers” by simplifying the conditions.

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An important change is that, according to the decree, the concept of small producer is modified, according to which not only natural persons, but also legal entities can carry out small producer food production. The expansion of the concept makes it possible, among other things, for the family farms of primary producers and social farms to operate as small producers. The range of sales has also expanded, namely with sales on the Internet. Given the increased demand for products produced by small producers, it was justified to revise the previous small quantities. Keeping in mind the food safety aspects and the possibilities provided by the flexibility regulation, it became expedient to create two categories.

Category I contains the former small producer quantities, category II. category, the maximum quantities were expanded

The II. for small producers belonging to the category it became possible to use the purchased raw materials during the production of small quantities of food, and also – if the conditions guaranteeing food safety are met – the production of minced and prepared meat. The II. simplified microbiological test parameters were developed for small producers belonging to this category includes extended hygiene requirements to guarantee food safety and excellent quality, as well as compliance with EU regulations. A further amendment is that II. the larger quantities and purchased ingredients specified in the category also necessitated the requirement of appropriate professional qualifications.

The section on the food hygiene conditions for placing animal-derived foods on the market and for food production at the point of sale has been expanded to include provisions on freezing fresh meat for donation purposes. Previously, a retail unit (butcher shop) could not process fresh game meat, the new regulation allows the acceptance of fresh game meat and the production of meat products made from it (e.g. venison sausage).

With the entry into force of the new decree, the food hygiene conditions for the handling and sale of killed game were also simplified and renewed. Another change to be highlighted is that the detailed development of the rules for the licensing and operation of small slaughterhouses is included in the new decree.


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