The deadline for card terminal placements will be extended

By: Trademagazin editor Date: 2020. 07. 03. 11:22
It seems that in two years the payment service providers have not been able to place the 30,000 card terminals to which the government provides 80,000 HUF in support – wrote. The deadline for the program is being extended for the second time, this time with a one-year delay for payment service providers to place the terminals.

At the end of 2016, the government launched a program for the installation of 30-30 thousand state-subsidized card terminals (reimbursed up to a maximum of 80,000 HUF) in two rounds, worth a total of 4.8 billion HUF, in order to speed up card acceptance, but only It took place in the second half of 2017. The first round ended in December 2017, the deadline for the second round was March 2019, but this was extended by 15 months last year until 30 June 2020. (,Turzó Ádám Pál)

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