Half of Europe is paralyzed under the pressure of farmers

By: STA Date: 2024. 01. 30. 10:30

Within the European Union, farmers have mobilized in several countries to protest against the difficulties experienced in the agricultural sector. In Belgium, France and Italy, roads were also blocked with tractors, causing significant traffic disruptions.

(Photo: Pixabay)

In France, farmers began intense protests, blocking important routes to Paris with their vehicles. The government mobilized 15,000 law enforcement officers to prevent disturbances and agreed with the protesters to avoid the cities. The FNSA and the Young Farmers organization announced an “indefinite blockade” in the Paris and northern France region, setting up blockade points on major highways. The Ministry of the Interior mobilized 15,000 law enforcement officers and asked the police to act with restraint. The Prime Minister promised to respond to the protests by withdrawing the planned increase in the tax on non-road diesel and introducing administrative simplifications. However, the farmers are not satisfied with the government’s responses and continue with the protest, which they joined in greater force on Monday. The claims range widely, affecting, for example, poultry farmers, wine producers and large-scale grain growers. The FNSA has made compromises with the government in the past, but farmers feel their incomes are falling and they are carrying too much administrative burden. Protesters are demanding faster compensation in the event of natural disasters and the lifting of bans on pesticides.

Belgian and Italian farmers expressed their dissatisfaction with the problems experienced in the agricultural sector with protest actions

In both Belgium and Italy, roads were blocked with tractors, leading to significant traffic disruptions. Belgian farmers have spoken out against falling incomes, complicated legislation and excessive administration, expressing their dissatisfaction with the EU’s common agricultural policy and the actions of national governments. Italian farmers drew attention to the difficult situation of agriculture by demonstrating in various rural areas. In both countries, the protesters expect concrete measures from the governments to deal with their difficulties. The movements affected road traffic and also made their presence felt in the cities. The general secretary of the Young Farmers Association emphasized that the duration of the actions depends on political decisions, and that the farmers will continue protesting until the government takes concrete measures to address their concerns.


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