The increase in the price of furniture has stopped

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 03. 18. 11:12

The increase in the price of furniture in the long term continues to paint a worrying picture in Hungary, although according to the latest data, the wave of inflation seems to be easing. According to data from the Central Statistical Office (KSH), average consumer prices in February 2024 were 3.7 percent higher than a year earlier. Although prices of consumer durables fell by 2 percent overall, prices of furniture such as kitchen cabinets and dining tables rose, mainly due to general inflationary pressures.

IKEA promised a wave of price reductions at the beginning of the year, but not all products saw price reductions following the price changes. According to the latest price surveys, only 7 out of 19 cases saw a price decrease, while the price of two items on the list increased. The average price reduction was 14.2 percent, which could reach up to 20 percent for some products.

This change shows that although IKEA has promised to reduce prices, in reality the prices of products have stagnated or increased. Therefore, customers should carefully monitor price changes and, if possible, take advantage of periods when prices are more favorable.

Overall, it can be seen that although the increase in the price of furniture seems to be slowing down somewhat, the increase is still striking, which poses a serious challenge to buyers. Government and economic policy should monitor such inflationary pressures and take appropriate measures to protect consumers.

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