Even stricter rules apply to the import of Ukrainian honey, eggs and poultry

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 03. 14. 10:22

The European Parliament tightened the import of agricultural products from Ukraine, extending the restrictions to poultry, sugar, eggs, as well as cereals and honey. The purpose of the decision is to introduce protection mechanisms in order to avoid possible market disturbances.

The European Parliament approved the renewal of trade measures for Moldova and Ukraine, but in the case of the latter, amendments were made to protect farmers. Regarding Moldova, the trade liberalization measures were approved by a simple vote, while the situation in Ukraine was more complicated due to the Russian invasion.

The decision assumes that Ukraine will continue to respect democratic principles and the rule of law, as well as continue the fight against corruption. Opinion was divided among the Hungarian representatives: Fidesz rejected the proposal, while Momentum and DK supported it. With the vote, the European Parliament sent the Ukrainian draft back to its specialist committee to coordinate with the member states.

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