Domestic strawberries are still much more expensive than imported ones

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 04. 02. 11:03

A photo is circulating online that shows a shocking price difference between imported Greek strawberries and domestic ones. While imported strawberries cost a quarter as much, the price of Hungarian strawberries exceeds HUF 8,000 per kilo. However, this phenomenon is not so surprising according to experts, who explain the price difference and the possible increase in prices this season.

According to Fruitveb, the International Fruit and Vegetable Association, the price difference is not surprising, since the strawberry season has already started in the southern countries, where strawberries are produced in larger quantities and at a more favorable price. Due to the weather conditions, strawberries ripen earlier in these countries and appear in large numbers on the markets. In contrast, Hungarian strawberries come from heated greenhouses, which means higher production costs. The difference between the prices is therefore due to the production method and the weather conditions.

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