Márton és Lányai: the success story of the Hungarian pálinka distilerry

Date: 2019. 07. 12. 11:31

Dual milestone was celebrated in a cozy, tasteful press event of the highest quality pálinka distillery.: The founder of the distilerry Márton János Pálinka Master was awarded with the “Pálinka Life Award” and the distilerry’s Hungarian apricot brandy earned the “Pálinka of the Ministry of Agriculture in 2019” title.

In 2014, 723 thousand hectoliter degrees were still produced by commercial distilleries, and in 2017, thanks to favorable tax conditions, it already exceeded 1 million hectoliter degrees. Pálinka’s reputation and consumer appreciation have improved a lot over the past 15 years – Dr. Felkai Beáta, Head of Department at the Ministry of Agriculture said at the press event.