Placement influences brand value

By: trademagazin Date: 2011. 08. 30. 21:28

In the case of individual categories, manufacturers and retailers on the FMCG market consider the following factors to be the most important: not running out of stocks, implementation of secondary placement, pricing. Our latest ShopperTrends survey showed that Hungarian shoppers’ number one store choice priority became ‘I can easily and quickly find what I need’. This change makes in-store sales incentives even more important than they were before, which trend entails manufacturers getting a clearer picture of the placement of their products. Nielsen’s eSOS – european Store Observation Services – specialise in this. In the first step we survey the placement of products/brands in hyper- and supermarkets, discount stores, domestic chains, drugstores and in a C+C chain. The second step is integrating the in-store situation and Retail Index data, from which we get to know whether a given product’s share of shelf space is in proportion with its category sales.

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