There are already four types of insects that can be included in domestic food

By: Trademagazin Date: 2023. 02. 03. 11:57

Based on the recent decision of the European Commission, together with house crickets, there are already four types of insects that can appear commercially as food and as food ingredients in the European Union. In response to this step, the Ministry of Agriculture (AM) is amending the food labeling regulation so that products containing insect proteins can be clearly distinguished and separated on store shelves – Pénzcentrum quotes István Nagy, head of the portfolio.

This is not the first time that the consumption of insects has been put on the agenda, but the opposition is strong both at the governmental and public levels. Back in 2018, Sándor Fazekas, former Minister of Agriculture, spoke quite bluntly about the fact that Hungarians do not eat insects because they are foreign to our culture. Over the years, several members of the government have voiced their opinion that the consumption of insects cannot be reconciled with Hungarian – or even Christian – values. Now, based on the announcements of the Ministry of Agriculture, it also opposes the consumption of insects: according to the ministry, there is no need to fear a shortage of food or protein in the EU, which is why they did not support the EU decision.

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