Sweet corn is available for pennies

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 06. 27. 11:32

2024 is clearly the year of weather and market changes in the domestic fruit and vegetable market. By now, customers have gotten used to the fact that the shift in the seasons also brings the harvest time forward – this year, this is especially true for sweet corn. This trend was confirmed by the joint conference of the University of Debrecen and FruitVeB, where the producers of green peas and corn also reported a drastic drop in prices.

The sale of Hungarian sweet corn already started in June in larger chains such as Lidl, Spar and PENNY, where customers are lured in with significant discounts. In Lidl, for example, instead of HUF 299, every second tube of corn costs HUF 169 if the consumer buys two. The prices of PENNY and Spar are similarly favorable, so consumers can get their summer favorites early – reports Pénzcentrum.

Compared to previous years, a significant price reduction can be observed. In 2022, the price of corn still hovered between HUF 180-200, while in 2021 the sale price was HUF 150. However, due to this year’s early season and shrinking production areas, prices are already lower at the beginning of the season.

According to Ferenc Apáti, the president of FruitVeB, producers are in a difficult situation. Challenges include drought, loss of market, and low take-over prices. Domestic production decreased drastically, sweet corn production area fell by 30 percent, while that of green peas fell by 50 percent.

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