The government has already helped 136,000 farmers by paying the advance

By: STA Date: 2023. 12. 07. 10:00

The first advance payment period of the new period of the Common Agricultural Policy has ended, in the framework of which almost 136,000 farmers received nearly HUF 194 billion in subsidies.

(Photo: Pixabay)

In addition to the economic difficulties of recent years – such as the significant increase in input costs, the energy crisis or last year’s extreme drought, as well as the difficulties of the transition period that can be considered a natural part of the transition to a new system – it is of particular importance that the application and then payment schedule that farmers have known for many years it was also held this year. After the unified applications submitted in the spring of 2023 – during the advance payment period between October 16 and November 30, 2023 – the Hungarian Treasury paid out a total of HUF 194 billion under six legal titles. With this, more than 82 percent of the applicants – around 136,000 producers – were reached. In terms of the number of beneficiaries, this ratio is the same as last year’s similar figure.

The largest amount, HUF 139.6 billion, was paid under the title of basic support, to nearly 135,000 producers

The Treasury transferred almost HUF 41 billion to 133,000 farmers under the title of redistributive support, which as a new title provides extra support for the first hectares of smaller farms. An advance payment was also made under the title of support for intensive and extensive orchards, as well as the support of ewes and dairy cows under the title of animal husbandry. After the end of the advance payment period, the Treasury will make partial and final payments in December under the same title.


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