Hungary exceeded the target number for the collection of packaging materials contaminated with plant protection agents

By: STA Date: 2024. 06. 19. 09:30

Hungary has exceeded the target number for the collection of packaging materials contaminated with plant protection agents – MOHU MOL Hulladékgazdászólji Zrt. announced in a joint statement to MTI with its professional partner, CSEBER Nonprofit Kft.

It was highlighted that in 2023 a record collection rate of 77 percent was achieved by CSEBER collection sites specializing in the domestic collection of bales contaminated with pesticides. This indicator is also outstanding in the world and exceeds the European target number for 2025. They added that even though the rolls contaminated with plant protection agents are not classified as hazardous waste, their proper disposal and utilization require special treatment. Since 2003, CSEBER Nonprofit Kft. has been dealing with the return of packaging materials contaminated with plant protection agents in Hungary, and from July 1, 2023, it will continue its activities in professional cooperation with MOHU Hulladékgazdászólji Zrt., they wrote in the announcement. It is recalled that the organization of collection and other tasks related to collection are still carried out by CSEBER, while removal from collection points and waste management are the responsibility of MOHU since the start of the concession system. According to the announcement, MOHU’s waste concession activities and the professional cooperation of the two companies contributed to achieving a better-than-expected, outstanding result even in international comparison. They pointed out that, based on CropLife International’s data from 43 countries, in 2022, similar collection systems achieved an average recovery rate of 62 percent worldwide, while the average recovery rate in the 20 European countries operating such a system was 71 percent.

The objective of CropLife Europe is to increase the collection rate to 75 percent across Europe by 2025, and to have a dedicated collection system for the professional collection and treatment of bales contaminated with plant protection agents operating in every member state of the European Union, they wrote in the announcement.

Tivadar Runtág, the operational director of MOHU MOL Waste Management Zrt., emphasized in the announcement that the 77 percent rate achieved in the first year of the waste concession exceeded MOHU’s expectations and plans. They would like to address even more farmers and expand the national network by including new collection points. According to the information published on the website of CSEBER Nonprofit Kft., the company is present at 150 collection points, where emptied and cleaned packaging materials are collected from the user and documented. According to publicly available company data, CSEBER Nonprofit Kft.’s net sales revenue in 2023 was HUF 303 million compared to HUF 471 million the previous year. The company’s after-tax profit was 17.3 million forints in 2023 after a loss of 3.4 million forints the previous year.


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