Hungary fought for support for Hungarian farmers

By: STA Date: 2023. 06. 26. 11:00

It was possible to protect the interests of farmers, as the European Commission is supporting Hungarian producers with almost 16 million euros in order to deal with the market difficulties caused by Ukrainian grain imports, Minister of Agriculture István Nagy announced on Monday in Luxembourg.


The head of the ministry said that the European Union is supporting the five frontline countries with 100 million euros, which stood united to protect Europe’s internal markets from the market difficulties caused by Ukrainian grain. István Nagy reminded me that this was a very big struggle, since we had to act in a national capacity for the first time so that our voice would be heard and they would perceive the danger we are exposed to. He added that the united action of the five frontline countries was able to force the Brussels bureaucracy to back down. After that, they dealt with the search for a common European solution to protect farmers and the European internal markets. Thanks to the European Union decision, we can protect our borders through legislation, explained the minister. He emphasized that the basis of the negotiations was that the union should create a fund to compensate the farmers of the affected countries in order to alleviate the damage suffered so far. A 100 million euro subsidy is now provided for this.

István Nagy emphasized that it is a great pleasure for us that Hungarian farmers will also receive 15.93 million euros to alleviate the damage caused by their storage costs and unsold stock

This victory is an achievement that should be appreciated in the future, as it shows that it is worthwhile to unite and cooperate with neighboring countries. The head of the ministry reminded that the European Commission’s decision is a clear confirmation that it was worth it for the five bordering member states to stand up for their interests. Even if only with a symbolic amount, the Commission has recognized that the farmers of these member states have a heavy additional burden, which must be alleviated, the minister added.


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