Magazine: Forum for a more liveable environment for entrepreneurs

By: trademagazin Date: 2014. 04. 07. 12:19

On 10 March MVI’s Horeca Forum was organised as part of SIRHA Budapest trade fair’s programme. Representatives of trade organisations and the relevant authorities gathered for a roundtable discussion to talk about how to create a more liveable business environment for enterprises in the Horeca sector. MVI president László Kovács told that very often Horeca units aren’t aware of changes in legislation because no channel of communication exists between them and the authorities. In her answer Dr Viktória Horváth, deputy state secretary responsible for tourism stressed that the ministry can only represent the interests of the Horeca sector if its representatives share their problems and make recommendations. The roundtable discussion also touched upon the problems of employing students studying in vocational schools, the special difficulties of employing seasonal workers and the hygiene aspects of education, plus the representation expense tax that did great harm to the Horeca sector.

Vendeglatos forum egy elhetobb vallalkozoi kornyezetert

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