Magazine: Useful website for Hungarian enterprises, organisations and institutions

By: trademagazin Date: 2015. 10. 13. 07:44

In the 2014-2020 programming period the Hungarian Development Centre (MFK) does information providing and coordinating work related to direct funding opportunities offered by the European Union outside the framework of the programmes of the European Structural and Investment Funds. As part of this work MKF launched a Hungarian-language website with tendering information on all 16 policy areas of the European Commission – there were 105,000 website visitors already on the first week. At the moment the website gives detailed information on 66 tendering opportunities for funding in the value of HUF 450 billion and the website is being updated with new information continuously. In the 2014-2020 budgetary period member states can calculate with EUR 130 billion (enough for 500-600 tenders) direct funding from the European Union. At you can also read about those who have already tendered for funding successfully and realised their plans. A good example is the Caleidoscope programme, which made it possible for dozens of Hungarian confectioners and vocational school teachers to visit the workshops of top French and Italian master confectioners, making use of the EUR 87,000 funding granted by the European Union. Since the study trip one of these confectioners, Gellért Szó has won the Cake of Hungary contest in 2015 with his ‘Pannonhalma caramel cake with apricot pálinka’, which entered the competition as the creation of D&G Artisan Confectionery in Salgótarján.

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