To realise the opportunity

By: trademagazin Date: 2015. 07. 08. 08:12

The people who turn to me for advice can usually realise the opportunities in business but they tend to not notice them when they manifest in their private life. In business there is always instant feedback and based on these good decisions can be made. However, in life honest feedback is rare and many times decisions based on rational thinking don’t work. For instance Zoltán, a 46-year-old manager at an FMCG company has been trying to find his partner in life for years. The problem was, he wanted someone who met his expectations in 100 percent – 95 percent wouldn’t do it for him. One day I sent him the profile of a woman called Anikó. He said he really liked her and based on his profile Anikó felt the same, so they decided to meet. To my surprise after a couple of weeks Anikó called me and said Zoltán never called. She added that Zoltán probably had lost interest in her, so she didn’t want to meet him anymore. I talked to Zoltán, who told me that they were finishing a very important project, so he hadn’t called Anikó because he wouldn’t have been able to meet her in person, due to his lack of time. I told him this was the worst thing he could do to a woman in a situation like this. A few days later he finally called Anikó, they agreed to meet but at the date she told him she had bad feelings (most of the time a woman is attracted to a man if she feels that the men really wants her) because Zoltán hadn’t called for two weeks, and admitted she didn’t want to meet again. Zoltán liked Anikó very much and asked me to convince her to go on a second date with him. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to persuade her and Zoltán is still looking for the love of his life..

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