Magazine: Dr. Franchise

By: trademagazin Date: 2014. 03. 12. 11:17

József Rózsa owns the Hungarian franchise rights of many international fats food chains.

Dr. Franchise
He started out by acquiring the franchise rights of Nordsee. He used to be one of the chain’s suppliers and saw really well what kind mistakes the former owners had committed. Mr Rózsa’s experience is that the popularity of fish and other fruits of the sea are growing.ózsef Rózsa reckons that for operating a successful franchise one has to be brave, determined and have great market knowledge. Sometimes franchisors aren’t adaptable and flexible enough, this is the reason why many US or even European chains have been trying in vain in Hungary. But it is also true that we Hungarians like to reject franchise system requirements that seem a bit more rigid. Mr Rózsa also owns the rights for: Mucho Burrito.

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