Magazine: The traps of online dating

By: trademagazin Date: 2015. 10. 08. 07:38
Beke Irina tulajdonos First Class társkereső

Beke Irina
First Class társkereső

The internet has already helped many people to find a partner, but it has also discouraged several others from dating online. One of my agency’s customers, a 37-year-old man told that he made friends with 435 women online in a single year. He went on a date with all of them at least once and had a few-month relationship with 6 of them. His final conclusion was that there is something wrong with women these days. Well, there is nothing wrong with women, the only problem is that online matchmaking websites simply don’t work. For instance people very often don’t tell the truth when they register on these sites. They may not do it on purpose: they simply don’t see themselves objectively, therefore their real-life personality can be very diffekmrent from the one described online. Another problem is that sometimes married people register too – they are only looking for a lover and not a new relationship. Often people look very different from the photos they posted of themselves online. Why? Because many refuse to accept their age or how they look, hoping that some kind of miracle will happen and the difference won’t be spotted at the first date. If you decide to give online dating a try, please don’t do it with great expectations. Those who can’t cope with failure well definitely shouldn’t try finding a partner online at all. They can get hurt emotionally and the lack of success would discourage them from meeting new people for a long time, taking away the chance from them to live happily in a harmonic relationship.

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