High quality at affordable prices! – FÁN GROUP’s philosophy now also justified by a trademark

By: Tisza Andrea Date: 2018. 11. 07. 10:52

Hentes pork wiener – FÁN Group Kft.’s own branded product – won the Value and Quality Award. On this occasion our magazine interviewed managing director József Ács and commercial director Csaba Kanizsai-Tóth.

 What is the company structure like and what data characterises the group?

József Ács
managing director
FÁN Group

József Ács: – FÁN GROUP Kft. was established by 5 fresh product wholesalers 15 years ago. Our annual sales exceed HUF 40 billion in the fresh product category. We supply partners with products by using refrigerator trucks.

 Which channels do you serve with products and what can be found in your product portfolio?

József Ács: – We distribute our products in the retail and HoReCa channels: we supply several thousand shops with products – they are independent stores and shops belonging to Hungarian chains. Among our HoReCa buyers you can find small snack bars, public sector catering units and restaurants.

Csaba Kanizsai-Tóth
commercial director
FÁN Group

Csaba Kanizsai-Tóth: – Both branded products and private labels form part of our product portfolio. We cooperate with well-known and reliable manufacturers.

 Which are the group’s own branded products and what kind of sales strategy do you use with them?

József Ács: – We make Fincsi poultry products, Lotti dairy products and Hentes meat products. More than 100 products are available to shoppers under these three brands.

Csaba Kanizsai-Tóth: – Selling our own branded products is a priority for the group. We try to be present with as many of them on store shelves as possible. We promote them with in-store tastings and POS tools.

 What is the group philosophy as regards winning the Value and Quality Award and what are your plans for the near future?

József Ács: – Our goal is to offer high-quality branded products in the medium-priced category. We are very proud of Hentes wiener’s winning the Value and Quality Award, because this trademark guarantees to shoppers that what they get is high quality.

Csaba Kanizsai-Tóth: – In the future we are going to put more effort into promoting our products. We also plan to enter the Value and Quality Award programme with other products. (x)

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