Lidl, Auchan Offer Alternatives To Plastic Bags In Portugal

Date: 2019. 07. 18. 08:30

Lidl Portugal has introduced 100% recyclable and reusable polyester bags for fruit and vegetables in all its stores. The bags support a weight up to 5 kilograms and can be washed multiple times at 30ºC.

By 2025, the retailer aims to replace plastics in its own-brand products by 20% with 100% recyclable materials.

The retailer will cease the sales of plastic bags for transporting goods by the end of this year, resulting in removing approximately 25 million plastic bags from the system annually.

Auchan Retail Portugal, which operates the Jumbo chain in Portugal, will introduce reusable, washable, resistant, durable polyester net bags as an alternative to plastic bags.

Customers will weigh each product separately and put different labels on the same bag.

The sustainability and environment manager of Auchan Retail Portugal, Rita Cruz, estimates that reusable packaging could reduce the use of 67 tonnes of plastic per year.