Some shops may need to close at 8 pm

By: Trademagazin Date: 2022. 08. 24. 12:44

Among the poorer countries, there are now plenty of examples of energy supply problems that deeply affect everyday life, for which European governments are currently only trying to prepare. It has been suggested that in some places all shops close at 8pm to save on energy prices.

In Pakistan, for example, there is no longer enough fuel for the power plants, so in addition to the increase in utilities, the population is also faced with power outages, while in Bangladesh, the government is trying to save energy with a mandatory closing of shops at eight o’clock in the evening. Producers are also suffering from the energy crisis, with Bangladesh’s steel industry and India’s chemical industry operating on a limited basis, according to a Bloomberg summary discovered by a G7 contributor.

In addition, the difficulties hit these countries in a particularly unpleasant situation, as the developed world has recently forced them to use relatively clean-burning natural gas, which, however, has not been accompanied by a significant increase in production. The prices of fossil energy carriers developed favorably in the second half of the last decade, and in addition, Western countries increasingly tried to turn away from them, so even states with more modest budgets were able to adjust to the use of coal, gas and crude oil – these conditions have now changed a lot.

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