There will be enough good quality seed, but more expensive

By: STA Date: 2022. 08. 27. 12:44

The drought overwrites everything, even the mandatory parameters for seeds. Gábort Polgár, the executive director of the Vetőmag Szövetség, spoke about this.

Domestic regulations related to seeds and their quality assurance are much stricter than EU regulations (Photo: Pixabay)

This season, seed producers have to face not only the low level of the harvested crop, but also quality problems due to the drought, so at the request of the Seed Association Interprofessional Organization and Product Council, the Ministry of Agriculture amended the decree on seeds. According to this, the sieve size and the related drop-through requirements do not have to be applied to the classification of the grain seeds harvested this year. According to the association, this will prevent seed shortages from developing – it was previously published in the press release issued by the Seed Association. Agroinform asked Gábor Polgár, the executive director of Vetőmag Szövetség, about the background of the decision and the forecasts for the next agricultural year.

How can the strict requirements of seed production and distribution be eased so easily?

Gábor Polgár: The relief only applies to seed size. This is a special national requirement that is not included in the EU legislation, so the domestic regulation is stricter than the EU system of requirements, which is why it was at all possible for the ministry to grant an exemption and not have to request a permit from Brussels.

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