The pitfalls of fleet greening can be overcome, according to KPMG experts

By: Trademagazin Date: 2023. 08. 24. 09:58

With the spread of alternative forms of transport, the topic of e-mobility is increasingly coming to the fore in company ranks as well. One of the key elements in achieving climate goals and CO2 emission reduction is the spread of fleet greening efforts, which with appropriate, strategically focused planning can serve as a sustainable alternative to fossil fuel-powered corporate fleets, and can also provide companies with a competitive advantage. KPMG’s experts have gathered the benefits and challenges of a company turning its attention to fleet greening.

One of the priority targets of global and EU emissions reduction efforts is road transport, which puts increasing pressure on market players. The EU sees the possibility of reducing the sector’s CO2 emissions mostly in the promotion of the use of alternative drive vehicles. Accordingly, in the not-too-distant future, electric cars are more than a possibility, as the proposal adopted by the European Parliament stipulates zero emissions for new vehicles used in road transport from 2035. The opening in the direction of greening is only intensified by the lack of raw materials and the recent increase in fuel prices, which trend is expected to drive companies towards the expansion of the company fleet with electric or plug-in hybrid drive cars.

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