Laboratory results: The fiber content of poppy and walnut is remarkably high

By: Trademagazin editor Date: 2020. 12. 17. 11:12
We still don’t know everything about dietary fiber, although their beneficial physiological effect is almost immeasurably complex – Soltész Erzsébet dietitian says, who, together with an independent laboratory in Hungary, launched a series of educational activities. For the first time, the most important rootstocks of bejgli, ie the dietary fiber content of poppy and walnut, were examined in the WESSLING Knowledge Center – wrote.

They are useful in dieting, they help digestion, they can prevent tumors – most often the answer is about dietary fiber. In addition, they can reduce the rise in postprandial blood sugar, regulate cholesterol levels, help prevent inflammatory processes, and support the healthy composition of the intestinal flora – fewer people know about these benefits. (

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