Quota free Europe?

By: trademagazin Date: 2012. 05. 08. 14:10

This decade brings several novelties in the food production of the European Union. The new budget cycle, that will start in 2014 will bring several changes, the redistribution of  the food business is likely to begin. The common agricultural policy will be renewed and the complicated system of subsidies and production quotas will be transformed as well. The Hungarian food industry players mostly interested in the market release of sugar and in the termination of the milk quotas and in the grape replant rule changes.

The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) between 2014-2020 can pose a threat again, because the European Commission suggests the early termination of the the sugar beet quota and the minimal beet price system in 2015. However, several Member States – including Hungary – have already protested against the plans, and lobbying for the later termination of the quota in 2020. According to the Hungarian position, if the quota system would remain, then the current 105 thousand tons of sugar production possibilities would like to be increased to the domestic consumption level of 280 thousand tons at least.    (by our colleague)

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