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By: Ipacs Tamás Date: 2022. 01. 24. 06:16

During the coronavirus pandemic those winemakers suffered the biggest sales losses whose main partners were in the HoReCa sector or in event gastronomy. Those selling to retailers quickly adapted to the new situation in most cases. According to Dávid Brazsil, general secretary of the National Council of Wine Communities (HNT), the production costs of grape growers and winemakers increased in 2021, but retailers were unwilling to buy wine from producers at higher prices – while the consumer price of wines did increase.

The expenses of wine producers and wine makers have seriously grown in 2021

At a conference in Verpelét academic doctor László Kocsis told: HNT and winemakers have realised that they must do something to adapt to the changing climate conditions with their grape varieties. Due to the workforce shortage more and more winemakers are investing in mechanical grape harvesters. Thanks to the process of transforming the country’s grape growing structure, which started in 2009 with the help of state funding, many new vineyards are already machine harvesting compatible. The next big task is the digitalisation of work processes! //

State subsidy

In October small and medium-sized wineries with financial difficulties could apply for funding from a HUF 1.5-billion state budget, thanks to the lobbying work of HNT. The sector can profit from further financial help in 2022. //

The above article has also been published in Issue 2021/12-01 of Trade magazin.

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