KPMG: Female senior managers adapted surprisingly quickly to the polycrisis

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 04. 22. 12:47

Despite their increased workload, female senior managers are optimistic about company growth, social change, gender equality and their own careers. The majority have adapted to the current polycrisis and are trying to discover the opportunities inherent in it, concludes the KPMG Global Female Leaders Outlook research. Adaptability, foresight, flexibility – armed with these qualities, they shape their own and their company’s future.

Nowadays, the word crisis alone is no longer sufficient to describe the situation in the world, since we have to face a polycrisis – several, often interrelated, risks at the same time. In addition to following digitization and ESG trends, companies must also become more resistant to geopolitical and economic challenges. However, the women participating in the KPMG Global Female Leaders Outlook survey bravely take on the task. In the research, 839 female managers from 53 countries were asked in 2023, among other things, about their company’s situation, business prospects, developments, their own careers, and their motivations.

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