In joint work with farmers for the development of agriculture

By: STA Date: 2024. 03. 06. 09:00

In our country, a strategic alliance has been established between the government and the farmers, so we are fighting with all our might to make Brussels change direction, which means a return to the principle of normality – said Minister of Agriculture István Nagy on Tuesday in Hajdúszoboszló at the Hajdú-Bihar county station of the agrarian country district.

(Photo: AM/Tibor Vermes)

The head of the ministry reminded that Brussels betrayed the European farmers, because it did not protect them against the grain flowing into the EU markets from Ukraine without customs or quantitative restrictions. This is precisely why there is a situation in Europe, because farmers have now felt that their markets are occupied by Ukrainian agricultural products without any control. He added that in addition to all this, agriculture in the European Union has never been so overloaded with green ideology. István Nagy emphasized that in our country, however, producers can count on the Hungarian government in all circumstances, which decided to raise the level of national co-financing to 80% in the most difficult times. This year, the HUF 2,900 billion rural development funds will be used for the benefit of the Hungarian countryside, agriculture and food production, the government will supplement the HUF 600 billion EU leg with an additional HUF 2,300 billion until 2027, the minister emphasized.

The head of the ministry said that the Hungarian State Treasury had already paid HUF 419 billion in advance and partial payments to more than 152,000 farmers in connection with the uniform applications for 2023 by mid-February

He explained that we should not forget about liquidity support schemes either. In view of the financing needs of agriculture, the Agrár Széchenyi Kártya MAX+, supported by high state interest subsidies, was introduced, with an actual annual interest charge of only 5 percent, in which case it is still possible to conclude loan agreements until June 29, 2024. But here is the voluntary interest ceiling, which stipulates that starting from January 1, 2024, the interest rate for newly concluded credit agreements cannot be higher than 9.9 percent for new corporate loans. And the interest rate cap has been extended until April 1, 2024, explained the minister. István Nagy stressed that the Hungarian government is working with all its might to maintain these subsidies, because in difficult times farmers need every forint. That is why farmers can count on the Hungarian government, just like before.


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