Focusing on developing the network of own shops

By: Ipacs Tamás Date: 2022. 04. 01. 10:26

The Hungarian Baker Association will have its own pavilion at the Sirha trade show. President József Septe told our magazine: their primary message for the trade will be that in 2022 the main question isn’t how to bake, but what to produce and how to sell baked goods.


Septe József, Magyar Pékszövetség

József Septe
Hungarian Baker Association

For small bakeries opening their own shops can mean their survival. Efficient operation, a selection that includes special products and serving sophisticated consumer needs can also lay the groundwork for development. Bakeries don’t have to make a hundred different baked goods: it isn’t profitable and product quality might suffer. The association’s idea is to persuade member companies to buy products from each other.


Opening a bakery shop is a complex task that bakeries need to learn how to do. Luckily, the association can help them in this at Sirha: they will get the opportunity to participate in business meetings and consultations, plus there will also be a roundtable discussion. Mr Septe revealed that there will be another roundtable discussion, where stakeholders will talk about the problems in trade education. At the moment more than 3,000 workers are missing from the trade. After meat and dairy products, five bakery items will soon join the High Quality Food (KMÉ) trademark system – one of these will be promoted at Sirha. //

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