Central Eastern European Tax Brochure from MAZARS

By: trademagazin Date: 2014. 07. 23. 09:02

This year MAZARS collected relevant tax information in its Central Eastern European Tax Brochure 2014 for the second time. The study examines the tax environment in Hungary, its neighbours, in the countries of the Visegrád Four, Greece, Russia, the Ukraine and in the countries of the former Yugoslavia. In the last few years the majority of these countries have been working on establishing tax systems which are optimal for investors and help in cutting budget deficit. Due to pressure from the European Union, EU member states’ budget deficits reduced on average in 2013. In order to manage the effects of economic recession, certain countries, for instance Hungary, cut income taxes and raised value added type taxes, e.g. VAT, transaction tax. Others increased income taxes and corporate tax rates.

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