Beverage manufacturers are asking for government help to reduce their burden

By: Trademagazin Date: 2023. 11. 23. 12:15

The Hungarian beverage producers’ associations welcome the start of the redemption system for beverage packaging next year, which will enable the circular economic model to be realized in the sector. In order to improve the competitiveness of the industry, stop the decline in turnover and reduce food inflation, the associations of beverage manufacturers and distributors recommend that the costs of the redemption system should not exceed half of the current extended producer responsibility fee. This cost level would correspond to the burdens of redemption systems already operating in European countries.

Az italcsomagolások visszaváltási rendszere tovább növelheti az élelmiszerinflációt

The associations of Hungarian beverage manufacturers welcome the launch of the redemption system for beverage packaging in 2024. With the introduction of the return system for PET and glass bottles and aluminum cans, it will be possible to achieve a selective collection of more than 90%, i.e. a circular economic model can be realized for beverage packaging.

Plastic and glass beverage bottles and aluminum beverage cans that can be purchased in our country are recyclable, i.e. suitable for being turned into bottles again after use. The redemption system will enable the separate collection and recycling of these valuable raw materials. More than 3 billion pieces of the three beverage packaging materials affected by the redemption system (PET, aluminum and glass) are sold in Hungary every year.

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