Magazine: Controlling the chaos (Part 1)

Date: 2017. 12. 13. 07:37

Trade magazin’s new monthly feature tries to help SMEs in building a profitable enterprise, with the help of business coach László Szilágyi, who has more than two decades of experience in the FMCG sector.

László Szilágyi
business coach
Forward Progress Consulting


Vitamin Salon shops in Szeged are extraordinarily neat and tidy, they use modern technology and have a stylish interior design. Looking at them through the eyes of a business coach, what is an even bigger value there is the consciousness with which every detail is planned. Compared with a traditional shop, everything is about numbers: the whole operation is supported with a well-built, computer-based cash register system that gives real-time information on basically everything that is important. All the data is analysed by a specialist, and based on the results trends are defined and targets are set at the monthly meetings of shop managers.

The starting point of ActionCOACH’s methodology is putting an end to the chaos that is so often characteristic of businesses. Each operation can be described very well with numbers, and the use of numbers entails organising processes and tasks into a system – this is the first step in establishing a well-working, profitable enterprise.However, let’s not forget that all that data is only worth as much as the quantity that is used from them. Thanks to the analysers’ work a transparent operation is achieved, which results in stability. In next month’s article we will discuss how to build on this foundation. //

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