Dreher comes out with a lighter-tasting, yet characteristically hoppy beer

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 03. 20. 10:34

The latest beer from Dreher serves a new, growing consumer demand by offering a lighter flavor profile to customers. Dreher 4.0 provides a quality beer experience easily, with a 4% alcohol content.

Lighter-tasting beers are gaining increasing popularity in the global beer market. Therefore, Dreher has decided to enter this market with a product that builds on Dreher’s traditions yet offers a completely new direction.

With Dreher 4.0, the brand aims to appeal to those who are not fans of very bitter and heavy beers but still want to experience the distinctive hoppy flavor when taking a sip. They also target consumers who value a conscious lifestyle and pay attention to alcohol content. Additionally, the new product is recommended for after-work or leisure activities.

Dreher 4.0 will be available from March in 0.33-liter slim cans and bottles, as well as in KEG barrels for hospitality establishments.

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