Pig shortage in Romania

By: Trademagazin editor Date: 2021. 10. 11. 11:07
It has become a huge question where this year the Romanian consumer will get the pork for Christmas. The measures aimed at reducing the swine fever epidemic have practically eliminated the livestock raised in small farms – agrarszektor.hu wrote after Magyar Nemzet.

Barely a pig left in Romania

Although the African swine fever that broke out in 2019 is declining in Romania, the seemingly effective treatment of the epidemic has practically pushed pig farmers to the brink of illegality, the Magyar Nemzet wrote. Hundreds of thousands of animals have been killed unnecessarily, with several experts claiming that only a small proportion of them were demonstrably infected with swine fever. It is believed that in the area around the focal point, most of the animals should have been sold at a slaughterhouse. By now, there are hardly any pigs in the country, and 70% of domestic pork consumption is covered by imports. (agrarszektor.hu, mno.hu)

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