Practical for small companies too

By: jungandrea Date: 2018. 05. 16. 10:13

Operative leasing is increasingly popular among Hungarian SMEs. Partners of Mercarius Flottakezelő Kft. can benefit from the advisory service of the company when choosing the ideal vehicles and optimising costs.

László Szűcs
Mercarius Flottakezelő

Owner László Szűcs told that in many cases a more expensive vehicle has a lower rental fee because it is cheaper to operate. He added that they do everything instead of partners, from placing an order to putting vehicles into operation. Customers can decide whether they want forint- or euro-based financing. Mercarius Flottakezelő Kft.’s offer to partners – unlike the general market practice is – contains no settlement calculation of the residual value, the company undertakes that risk from partners in full. They offer all the services known in the fleet management market: service and maintenance, tyre service, replacement car, assistance, insurance, fuel cards, fleet tracking management and resident fleet manager. They do all of these tasks with their own employees and in their own service centres, and don’t have it done by subcontractors. This means that customers and Mercarius are directly in touch all the time during the contract period, ensuring a higher level of service. The company also offers short-term schemes.

Gábor Bertalan
managing director
Nelson Flottalízing

Gábor Bertalan, managing director of Nelson Flottalízing Kft. told our magazine that vehicle fleet management is a service where the service provider – the company that rents out the vehicles – does each and every vehicle use related task instead of the renting company. All the latter has to do is use the vehicles. Further advantages include the chance to claim a VAT refund. The basic package includes financing and taxes, social contributions and insurances. Optional features are service and maintenance, tyre service, assistance, fuel cards, replacement car, motorway and parking pass, and additional insurance. Mr Bertalan explained that operative leasing is basically a financial activity, which typically contains financing and related taxes, commissions and insurances. Vehicle fleet management also involves additional services such as service and maintenance or insurance affairs management. //

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