Getting well after the flu

By: trademagazin Date: 2006. 11. 20. 08:00

The poultry sector had to face difficulties during the past years in Hungary due to the problems caused by the bird-flu in Europe. According to the Central Statistics Office the amount of processed poultry in 2004 was 606 thousand tons, and 551 thousand in 2005. Domestic sales increased in 2005, despite the fact that bird-flu arrived to the neighboring countries in the fall, which lead to a drop in consumption in Hungary as well. Regarding import figures a significant change can be detected in the fact that apart from frozen products, fresh meat is also imported from the neighboring countries. Domestic sales have decreased, with the exception of turkey sales. The sector has lost important foreign markets as an effect of bird flu. EU accession in itself has not solved problems of the sector. Poultry consumption is steadily increasing in the country, chicken and turkey products are in the highest demand. Recovering damages of the sector caused by avian influenza in the water-bird flocks is the biggest challenge. The mid-term plans of the Poultry Marketing Board include the maintenance of the present amount of poultry stock, a solid growth in turkey production, and a drop in goose and duck numbers.

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