The winners of the Klasszis TopDesign 2023 competition have been announced

By: Trademagazin Date: 2023. 12. 01. 11:49

The winners of the Klasszis TopDesign 2023 competition announced by the Klasszis Group, Hungary’s only international hospitality and hotel industry design competition, were announced by the Turizmus Online professional portal on Friday with MTI.

The design competition was launched in a unique way in the field of the Hungarian Horeca industry, it was aimed at domestic hotels and small and large catering establishments. The competition takes a comprehensive approach to design and special solutions, and evaluates all its areas within the hospitality and hotel industry. You can enter the competition in the appropriate categories for interior design and home furnishing solutions, as well as various additional products and design solutions that are important in the given area, as well as projects that have not been implemented so far and will only be implemented in the near future.
8 prizes were awarded in the Gastronomy main category, 14 winners were announced in the Hotel-Spa-Wellness main category, in addition, 2 special prizes and audience prizes were awarded in each main category, so a total of 26 prize winners were awarded.

The category of this year’s competition was guest experience. About 40 applications were received for the competition, and in many cases one applicant selected several categories and submitted his/her work in several topics.

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