Do we reap what we sow?

By: Dr. Köves András Date: 2022. 05. 02. 10:26

There is was in Ukraine, the country that is the world’s 5th biggest cereal producer, and the 2nd biggest sunflower oil producer and exporter behind Russia.

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Köves András-NT

Guest writer:
Dr. András Köves
senior board adviser

Ukraine is actually the main source of sunflower oil for the European Union and the Middle East. The present situation will inevitably lead to a SHORTAGE, and even if there is liquidity at the commodity exchange, to 4-5 times higher prices (for the time being). It can very well happen that sunflower oil prices will soar in the EU and people won’t be allowed to buy as much as they want. Similar problems may arise in the margarine, mayonnaise and frozen breaded food categories as well.

In addition to this, every sector that uses cereal will face serious problems. For a start the balance of livestock farming and feeding will be upset. As for Africa, hunger riots can be expected and then the hungry masses will start migrating towards the Promised Land, Europe. There is no border fence that will be able to stop them. This scenario is likely to occur if one sunflower seed harvest is missed, and it is guaranteed to happen if two production years are missed…


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