K&H: a spectacular border crossing is taking place in Hungarian stores: over a hundred thousand

By: Trademagazin Date: 2022. 07. 05. 09:38

K&H crossed a line: in May, the number of people paying with smart devices was over 100,000, which is almost three times the number of a year earlier. As a result, the number of purchases shows a massive increase, the number of transactions linked to Apple Pay, Google Pay, Xiaomi Pay and Garmin Pay increased by 18 percent compared to April. Apple Pay and Google Pay traffic increased by 150 and 883 percent, respectively, on an annual basis. The K&Hs also surpassed the national expansion, in the first quarter they spent 302 percent more times and 292 percent more than a year earlier, compared to this, the entire market expanded by 158 and 177 percent.

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