K&H: the goal is affordable and green energy

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 04. 03. 10:47

According to a Polish study, several European countries achieved part of their sustainable energy goals for 2030 a decade earlier. Hungary is not doing well, but there are indications that the lag can be worked off by 2030. According to K&H’s sustainability index, large companies that prepare sustainability reports have started to require their suppliers to reduce their carbon emissions.

Among the sustainability objectives of the UN adopted in 2015, the seventh theme, which expects member states to create access to affordable and green energy, plays an important role. According to a study prepared by Polish economists, all member states of the European Union have made significant progress in this area. There are countries that have already achieved some of the goals set in this area by 2021.

Sweden is the closest to achieving the targets, followed by Denmark, Estonia and Austria. Malta improved the most, and Cyprus, Latvia and Belgium also made great progress – although these countries still have a long way to go. Bulgaria is the furthest from the set goals.

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