K&H: more people are interested in sustainability than you think

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 05. 21. 10:55

The majority of people around the world support the fight against climate change, but public opinion and politicians often underestimate the number of people who are actively engaged in it.

There is a huge difference in how many people actually support action against climate change as soon as possible, and in how many people, according to public opinion, politicians and ordinary people, deal with this issue – according to the results of research recently published on the science portal Science Advances.

A total of 59,000 people in 63 countries filled out the questionnaire, and 86 percent of them were convinced of climate change. The researchers asked whether respondents believed immediate action was needed to avert a global catastrophe; whether climate change is caused by human interventions; or whether climate change poses a serious threat to humanity; can we say at the same time that a global emergency has developed?

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