Magazine: Little sugar, big taste

By: Tisza Andrea Date: 2019. 06. 18. 07:57

Dénes Kiss
marketing manager
Dr. Oetker

Two factors have a big influence on the market of home preserving supplies: the weather and the quantity of fruit harvested. Last year there was a cold and rainy spring, which affected the quality and quantity of fruits negatively. Still, Dr. Oetker could hold on to its market leader position, thanks to their innovations, large product selection and in-store presence – informed Dénes Kiss, marketing manager of Dr. Oetker Magyarország Kft.

There are several dominant market trends: premium products have remained popular and housewives like to try new products, but private label and family-size products also have a considerable share in sales. Mr Kiss told: jam fixes are the most popular, and with the Dr. Oetker Jam Fix 3:1 and 4:1 products jams and marmalades can be made with an exceptionally high fruit and very low sugar content. Renáta Kamocsai marketing manager of Ed.Haas Hungaria Kft. added that as part of the current health trend, more people are using gelling aid products much less sugar is needed when making jam. From the company’s products demand is the biggest for Haas Quittin 3:1 gelling aid, while the Haas Quittin 4:1 gelling aid product makes sugar use extra-economical.

This year’s new Dr. Oetker product is Dr. Oetker Preserving Sugar 4:1, which debuted in April. By using this making jam requires even less sugar than before, while the process is rapid and comfortable. Thanks to this product the jams made at home can have very high fruit content, in line with the current health trend. Ed.Haas Hungaria Kft. also launches a new product this year: Haas Natural gluten- and lactose-free thickener for Fruit Soup. By using this anyone can easily make a tasty fruit soup in no time. Another new product from the company is 250g Haas Classic Citric Acid that can be used in many ways.

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